Asia’s Top Special Economic Zone Shows Interest in Collaboration with Anaklia


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On 20-24 February, Mr. Mamuka Khazaradze, founder of Anaklia Development Consortium and Ms. Keti Bochorishvili, the Anaklia City Executive Director visited the Special Economic Zone Phnom Penh in Cambodia. During the visit, the Consortium officials invited by PLc, the developer and operator of the Special Economic Zone held important meetings with several international companies. PLc shows interest in partnership with the Special Economic Zone in Anaklia. The PLc officials imparted their experience in terms of various projects, business models and services.

Also, during the visit, the Consortium high officials met some of Cambodia’s major investment groups, such as LCH that along with the Japanese companies had created the Phnom Special Economic Zone. They held negotiations with Nippon Express, Bok Seng Group, MinebeaMitsumi, Toyota Tsushi and SVI Public-Thailand and were shown around their plants. The said enterprises showed interest in Georgia and precisely so the Anaklia Special Economic Zone.

“Collaboration with those very well established companies is important. We are glad that PLc, Cambodia’s leader company takes interest in the collaboration with the Special Economic Zone in Anaklia. The Phnom Penh Zone is of great interest to us, all the more so that among the companies operating there 54% are Japanese broadly known for high quality investments, modern hi-tech and streamlined corporate management. Therefore, cooperation with those is a priority. We are expecting to see their teams in Georgia before long”, – Mr. Khazaradze stated.

“The Anaklia Special Economic Zone is going to take up 475ha, attract 1.04bm USD investment and create over 16 000 jobs. It’s going to be the first contemporary logistical and industrial area integrated with the port and the railway. The involved companies are going to enjoy much simpler operations. We want to see Anaklia a hub for international and transnational companies and a springboard for the local ones”, – Keti Bochorishvili, the Anaklia City Executive Director said.

Established in 2008, PLc is the leader in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, which sprawls across 400 ha and houses some of the leading Cambodian and Japanese companies along with the other 95 firms from the USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, South Korea etc. 14 countries. 600 M investment had been invested in the Zone, which now employs over 19 000 local labor. Among its customers there are the companies such as Coca Cola, Denso, Toyota, Nippon Express, Yusen Logistics, Meikodo, American Licorice, Yamaha Motors, Ajinomoto etc.  Since 2016, PLc has been listed at Cambodia’s Stock Exchange CSX. A Japanese company is on its Board, while some of the local and international investors are the shareholders. PLc’s ambition now is expansion of the existing zone, implementation of new projects and integration with another international business.

Mr. Hiroshi Yematsu, Executive Director of the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone and a Japanese business delegation expected in Georgia in early March are going to explore the collaboration prospects with the Anaklia Port project in order to attract some of the Japanese businesses to Anaklia.