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Where is Anaklia Deep Sea Port located?

The Anaklia Deep Sea Port is being constructed in Georgia, along the eastern coast of the Black Sea.  Strategically located where east meets west, its geographic location means it has the potential to be a major transit country, facilitating high volumes of international trade between Europe and Asia.

What is the importance of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port?

The Anaklia Deep Sea Port is one of Georgia’s most strategic and largest infrastructure projects.  It has already been called “The Project of the Century.”  Anaklia Port, which will become the country’s first deep sea port, is currently being developed on 340 hectares of land with nine phases of construction.  The project is estimated to cost 2.5 billion USD.  The depth of the port will be 16 meters (CD). Construction of phase 1 of the project already started in December 2017 and the port is planned to be operational in 2020.
The project is envisioned to establish an important new maritime corridor between China and Europe and stimulate national and regional economic growth. Today Georgia is the only country in the Black Sea basin without a deep sea port. The Anaklia Port infrastructure will enable Georgia to dock 10,000 TEU Panamax and Post-Panamax vessels.  Upon opening Anaklia Deep Sea Port will handle up to 900,000 TEU containers and 1.5 million tons of dry bulk, which exceeds the total amount that all current Georgian ports can handle combined. Anaklia Port will be a lasting economic driver for Georgia , both as a national asset representing Georgia’s strategic significance and its vital role in the evolving global economy; to embrace the Silk Road vision to accelerate Georgia’s GDP growth and create jobs for its people.

Who is the founder/developer of the project?

The Anaklia Deep Sea Port Project was drawn up by the Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC).

ADC is a an international consortium which unites TBC Holding, entrepreneur and
developer, and a group affiliate of one of Georgia’s largest banks now listed on the London Stock Exchange and Conti International, founded in 1906, a developer and builder of capital asset projects with an exceptional construction management track record.
Another major Anaklia port partner  SSA Marine, one of the largest terminal operators in the world, will operate Anaklia Port’s container terminal, and is an equity investor in ADC.
SSA Marine operates more than 250 strategic locations across five continents, handling 27.2 million containers (TEUs) and managing terminals in nine different countries.  Wondernet Express a UK based transportation and complex forwarding service provider is another strategic equity investor in ADC with offices in CIS, Baltic, Caucasus and Central Asian countries. G-Star which is also an equity investor in ADC is a company headquartered in Bulgaria which conducts mainly investing businesses globally including but not limited to Forex operations and investments in real estate projects.
During various stages, international partners and consultants such as Van Oord, MTBS, Moffatt & Nichol and Royal HaskoningDHV, have been involved in the development of the project. Above mentioned companies provided, market assessment studies, master plan, marine studies, ESIA documentation and preliminary design.

Is Georgian Government involved in the project?

The Anaklia Deep Sea Port is a private-public partnership project with the Governmnet of Georgia.
The development of the Anaklia Port Project started in 2016, after Anaklia Development Consortium
(ADC) won an international tender announced by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia for the rights to develop, finance, design, construct, operate, market, manage, and grow the Anaklia region. The Investment Agreement formed between the Government of Georgia and Anaklia Development Consortium is a 52-year agreement.
The Georgian government is providing investments for all road and rail connections to the Anaklia port territory no later than 2020, when the construction of phase 1 is completed.

How is the project connected to the Silk Road?

Due to its advantages, strategic location, high berthing capacity, the potential of the Special Economic Zone and advanced logistical services, the Anaklia Deep Sea Port presents the country an opportunity to become a significant East-West marine gateway, play an important role in the new Silk Road corridor and eventually become a logistic hub.


What is the budget of the project?

Total cost of the project is estimated at USD 2.5 billion. Phase 1 is budgeted to USD 580.

When did construction start and what is planned in future stages of construction?

The project will be undertaken in 9 phases.  The first phase of construction began in December, 2017.  The first phase of construction will be completed in 2020.

What is the Anaklia Special Economic Zone?

In addition to the Anaklia Deep Sea Port, the construction of the Anaklia City and the Special Economic Zone will be undertaken. JSC Anaklia City invests in hinterland territory, which it will convert into a Special Economic Zone, the size of a city, which will act as the region’s logistical, business and residential hubs.  The territory will be granted a special status as defined in the Constitution of Georgia.  Initially, it is planned for the territory to be 400 hectares in size , to be used as a regional logistical, distribution and transport center. The Anaklia Special Economic Zone will become the frontier business center for international companies, serving consumer markets of the Caucasus (17 million people with a GDP of approximately 100 billion USD), Central Asian states and the northwest of Iran (146 million people with a GDP of approximately 760 billion USD). At present Anaklia City has contacted 100 international counterparts and signed Memorandum of Understanding with several of them, including some of the world’s major economic zones (Incheon, Khorgos).  It also selected Buro Happold Engineering to conduct the economic analysis of  the Anaklia City and draw up the feasibility study and master plan.

When will construction of the port be finished?

Phase 1 of construction (currently underway) will be completed in 2020.  Overall, the 9 phases of construction are planned to be carried out over the course of 52 years.