Anaklia Development Consortium Presents the Anaklia Magazine


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The new magazine, Anaklia, was presented on July 18th at the TBC Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia. The presentation was hosted by the Anaklia Development Consortium.
The magazine will thoroughly cover the construction of the Anaklia deep sea port and the development of the Free Industrial Zone on the Black Sea side of the port. Along with issues the port may face, the magazine intends to cover and discuss various economic, geopolitical, cultural issues and marine topics, such as, for example, the Silk Road, maritime professions and infrastructural development projects in Georgia and the Caucasus region.
The magazine was published by the Anaklia Development Consortium. Among the authors working for the magazine, which include journalists, writers and visual artists, are Aka Morchiladze, George Kekelidze, Natela Grigalashvili, Merab Adeishvili, and others.
Anaklia will be issued every two months. The magazine will be distributed for free, with 3,000 issues upon each publication. Anaklia is in Georgian, with English summaries of main articles. This presentation introduced issue #1 of Anaklia.
“The outcomes of this project should be primarily used to benefit the lives of the people involved. You will see [in the magazine] stories about children who study at school… stories about elderly people, about fishermen…We want to follow their lives and show the public how significant this investment is and how the lives of the Anaklians will be changed,” said Mamukha Khazaradze, ADC co-founder, who was in attendance at the presentation.
The CEO at ADC, Levan Akhvlediani, as well as the Minister of Education and the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, along with the representatives of diplomatic corporations and business networks were also present.
“The Anaklia magazine aims at delivering important messages to the population of Georgia, as well as to the investors who might be interested in the development of the Anaklia port,” said Dimitri Kumsishvili, the minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.
The event was innovative – the TBC Gallery was host to an installation and art object made by the young Georgian visual and sound artists about the sea and ship theme.
The Anaklia Development Consortium will develop and operate the deep sea port and Free Industrial Zone on the Black Sea. The port and the FIZ will take up an area of 1,000 hectares. The new Anaklia port will be able to dock 10,000 TEUs of cargos.
Several phases of construction and development of the port have been planned.
90% of the employees involved during the construction stage, as well as at least 40%-50% of those employed at the development phase, will be Georgian citizens.
The port will begin operating no later than 3 years after its construction has commenced.