ACED Launches Anaklia Education Hub and MSME Grants Program


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Anaklia Community and Economic Development Program Launches Anaklia Education Hub and MSME Grants Program to Promote Regional Economic Development of Anaklia/Zugdidi and its Surrounding Areas

Palm Beach Hotel, Anaklia – On Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 11:00 a.m., Anaklia Development Consortium’s (ADC) CEO Levan Akhvlediani and USAID’s Mission Director Peter Wiebler, officially opened the Anaklia Education Hub and announced the launch of the MSME Grants Program within the Anaklia Community and Economic Development (ACED) program.

Anaklia Community and Economic Development (ACED) is a joint initiative of Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) and USAID Zrda Activity  designed to promote the regional economic development of Anaklia and its surrounding areas, support increase of the competitiveness and growth of MSMEs in the region, build and sustain a workforce qualified to meet the market demand for both port operations and the wider economy in the region, and facilitate the development of community infrastructure necessary to the region.

With this in mind, ACED program is launching the first in Anaklia Education Hub tasked to open an access to skills development for future employment opportunities within the port itself and surrounding businesses expected to develop alongside the growth of the port and the free economic zone. The Anaklia Education Hub will offer a variety of training courses in the English language and computer skills, entrepreneurship, business administration, tourism and agriculture that will increase the professional capacity of local population by offering a series of interventions to support a sustainable transformational development of the local communities.

In parallel, ACED introduces the grants program for agriculture and non-agriculture sector development to support micro-, small- and medium size enterprise growth in line with the technical support to improve business and technical skills through trainings.

Overall, the Anaklia Community and Economic Development Program will provide support to communities in West Georgia to maximize their ability to capitalize on the coming economic development opportunities presented by the $2.5 billion Anaklia Deep Sea Port mega project, which is a joint venture of a Georgian-U.S. consortium. The new deep-water port is envisioned to transform Georgia into a regional economic hub and a key link and transport corridor between Asia and Europe. Construction of Georgia’s first deep sea port started in December 2017, and the first phase of the project – construction of the primary container terminal – will be completed by the end of 2020, which also coincides with the timeline of the joint development program between USAID Zrda and ADC.


About Anaklia Development Consortium: ADC is a Georgian-American consortium, mandated to develop the Anaklia Deep Sea Port in accordance with the Investment Agreement relating to the build, operation and transfer of the Anaklia Deep Water Black Sea Port dated 3 October 2016 between ADC and the Government of Georgia.  ADC’s vision for the Anaklia Port is to create a world class port complex for Georgia and establish Anaklia as a focal point for trade to and from Central Asia and on the New Silk Road trade route between China and Europe. ADC’s goal for the Anaklia Port is to improve the port infrastructure in Georgia, thereby providing reduced costs for those who use the port and subsequently improving economic opportunities regionally and domestically. As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, ADC is committed to promote the regional economic development of Anaklia and its surrounding areas, facilitate the development of community infrastructure necessary to meet Anaklia’s needs, as well as to support growth of MSMEs in the region and to develop and sustain skilled workforce. For more information, please visit:

About USAID in Georgia: In 26 years of operation in Georgia, USAID assistance has directly supported U.S. policy objectives to help transform Georgia into a growing democracy that is increasingly integrated into western political, security and economic institutions.   USAID programs are a key part of the U.S. strategy to advance U.S. national security and economic prosperity through focused, results-oriented assistance that enables Georgia’s path to resilience and self-reliance.  More than 30 USAID programs stimulate inclusive economic growth, develop democratic governance, enhance energy security, and foster the increased inclusion of minority and disadvantaged people in Georgia, including those living across ethnic and geographic boundaries.  Through USAID, the American people have provided more than $1.8 billion in assistance to Georgia.   For more information, please visit:

About USAID Zrda Activity in Georgia: The USAID Zrda Activity in Georgia is a five-year program designed to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in 81 communities of five regions of Georgia by improving MSME growth, increasing productivity of rural households, facilitating market linkages between producers and buyers, and promoting local economic development by establishing and strengthening networks. As a result, Zrda will create at least 2,400 jobs, increase sales for at least 860 MSMEs, increase incomes of 13,200 households, and generate measurable improvements in community resilience. Zrda targets communities in proximity to the administrative boundary lines and communities with ethnic minority populations. For additional information, please, visit: