A major Chinese company – partner of Anaklia Development Consortium


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According to a preliminary contract signed by ZPMC, a major Chinese Company it is getting involved in the development of the seaport in Anaklia as the Consortium’s long-term partner.
As agreed, the Chinese company is to invest 50M USD into the port construction and, also, attract the Chinese financial institutions for further investments. ZPMC will also deliver the state-of-the art container cranes etc. machinery relevant to the operation of the container terminal.
Within the context of the Chinese Government’s new Silk Road “One Band, One Road” initiative, ZPMC is going to attract some of the Chinese logistics companies to the Anaklia Deep Sea Port and the Special Economic Zone.
Apart from the investment and long-term partnership with the Anaklia Development Consortium, ZPMC is also going to take part in the Anaklia port construction tenders and if it comes out the winner, take on a part of the port construction works.
“ZPMC involvement in the Anaklia Project is a landmark event: the world’s largest economy represented by the Chinese corporation is joining a group of the major US investors. Georgia will be among the 100 countries where ZPMC is operating. It’s our first preliminary contract executed with a Chinese corporation, with the others highly likely to follow suit. The negotiations with them are under way, with the results to be made public as soon as the talks are over” – Mr. mamuka Khazaradze, founder of Anaklia Development Consortium said.

ZPMC is the world’s biggest complex terrain and heavy equipment manufacturer. Among its produce are the container and bulk cargo vehicles, marine machinery etc. The company stands out for its cutting edge hi-tech and marine equipment.

The Company owns the 26 vessels with the capacity of 60 000 – 10 000t , criss-crossing the world oceans and seas. The Shanghai-based ZPMC is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.