US Embassy Acting Officers & Other American Organizations Visit Anaklia Port Construction Work


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Elizabeth Rood, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Georgia, visited the construction works of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port along with representatives of USAID, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Peace Corps. The founders of the Anaklia Development Consortium, Mamuka Khazaradze and Kurt Conti, hosted them.

The purpose of the visit was to see the construction works of one of the largest economic partnerships between the two countries and to discuss strategic issues of the port, city and Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

“The Anaklia Deep Sea Port project and special development zones are vital and demonstrate the great potential not only for the development of Georgia but also of the whole region. We are proud that two large American companies are involved in this project – SSA Marine and “Conti Group, Rood said. “The broader involvement of the American government agencies in the project shows the importance of this project for the US.”

“We are glad to be participating in this strategic project, one that will have a significant economic impact for Georgia and the entire region,” said co-founder of the Anaklia Development Consortium, Kurt Conti, Head of the Conti Group. “The project is also a good example of American-Georgian cooperation and we hope that it will set a precedent for other American companies. Georgia offers a business-friendly environment and interesting opportunities for investors.”

“The Port of Anaklia is a regional and international project, so we welcome the interest and partnership of both West and Asian countries,” said Levan Akhvlediani, Director General of Anaklia Development Consortium. “We are glad to be working with American partners like Conti Group and SSA Marine. I would also like to thank the US Embassy in Georgia for their support. Anaklia Port is a turning project for Georgia, after which it will be able to reinforce its role as an international transit hub. Near the port, we are also developing a city that will create a lot of economic opportunities, workplaces and international business platforms,” he noted.

The Anaklia Deep Sea Port is one of the largest US investments in Georgia. Conti Group is the founder of the Anaklia Development Consortium with the Georgian TBC Holding. In 2017, Anaklia Port was joined by SSA Marine, one of the world’s largest terminal operators. SSA Marine is the Anaklia Port Terminal Operator and Investor. The signing of the agreement between SSA Marine and Anaklia Development Consortium was held in 2017 within the scope of US Vice-President Mike Penn’s visit to Georgia, who named the Anaklia Deep Sea Port as one of the most important parts of the US and Georgia economic partnership.

At this stage, land works of the first phase of a deep water pipeline, started on December 22, 2017 in Anaklia, are ongoing. In the summer of 2018, the port area will be expanded and advertised. The completion of the first phase of the construction of the port and launch of the port is planned for the end of 2020.

It is actively working on the development of the city of Anaklia and the economic zone, which will be presented by the leading British company BuroHappold Engineering in late 2018.

Anaklia City cooperates and partners with the world’s leading economic zones, logistic and transportation companies.