Forbes: Anaklia Deep Sea Port: Projects Implemented And Future Plans


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Forbes Georgia: Anaklia Port construction works will start on 20th of December 2017. This was announced by representatives of Anaklia Development Consortium at the meeting with businesses on 12th of October 2017. At the meeting with Taxpayers Union, they summarized the Anaklia Deep Sea Port pre-construction works conducted during the past year and presented the concept of Anaklia City and the working process.

“Anaklia Port is an unprecedented scale project for our country and by starting working on a it, creation of new reality started for our country and the region as a whole. We started implementing preliminary works of the project last year and we made a promise to start construction works not later than in a year time. This was a year of hard work, which involved our entire team, experts, professionals and number of local and international companies, which are leaders in marine, infrastructural, environmental and other fields. By conducting this wide-scale and hard work we managed to keep our promise and complete the work within the set timeframe. Now even more important stage of the project is coming up which is construction of the port itself”, – stated Mamuka Khazaradze, the founder of Anaklia Development Consortium. Together with him, the project works were summarized by Levan Akhvlediani, Director General of the Consortium and Keti Bochorishvili, director of Anaklia City company.

In December 2017, the earth construction works of Anaklia Port will start.

The pre-construction stage started in 2016 and within this period, following works and projects were implemented:

  • Anaklia Development Consortium selected and revealed Anaklia Deep Sea Port container terminal operator – a large American company SSA Marine. The company will at the same time be one of the investors of the Anaklia Port.
  • Master plan of Anaklia Deep Sea Port was developer and approved. International company MTBS worked during one year on the 600-page document together with Anaklia Development Consortium. In October 2017, the plan was approved by the government of Georgia.
  • Work on development of Anaklia City and special economic zone started, which work was supervised by Anaklia City Company. Anaklia City, which was founded in June 2017, has already signed a memorandum with South Corea Incheon Free Economic Zone; started communication with over 100 international companies; launched tender to reveal companies to conduct economic analysis of Anaklia City, project feasibility study and develop master plan.
  • Leading Dutch company Van Oord conducted preliminary marine-engineering research, including geotechnical, topographic and other studies fomr construction of Anaklia Port. Anaklia Development Consortium completed all the feasibility technical researches. Preliminary design of Anaklia Port was developed together with leading international companies Moffatt & Nichol, Royal Haskoning DHV and Van Oord. Regulation plan for Anaklia Deep Sea Port development was developed and approved.
  • The government of Georgia completed the process of purchasing of Anaklia Port investment territories.
  • Anaklia Port environmental impact document was developed, while working on which Anaklia Development Consortium conducted over 50 researches to study flora and fauna and the sea part over the port adjacent territories; at different stages, conducted public meetings with local population in Zugdidi and Anaklia; up to 20 local and international companies, including Royal Haskoning DHV and Ecoline International were involved in the work on the report. Social and economic researches of Anaklia and Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region was conducted.