Leading Design Company BergerABAM to Design Anaklia Deep Sea Port


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The company which is to develop a detailed design for Anaklia Deep Sea Port has been revealed. BergerABAM, one of the leading design and construction management companies in the world, has won the international tender.

Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) named BergerABAM after announcing an international tender on drafting a detailed design. The top 20 global companies participated in the tender. One of the best offers was presented by Louis Berger Group member, BergerAbam.

The Government of Georgia has already approved the company chosen by ADC.

BergerABAM is one of the leading companies in the field of civil and structural engineering, construction management, underwater inspection and environmental services, known for its work in the development of Panama, Dubai, Mexico, Washington, Marine and Port Infrastructure and Design.

The detailed design of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port includes the full projection of the first phase of the port, according to which the planned marine and land construction works will be carried out by 2020. This design implies: designing a 1.6 km breakwater; 625-meter long berth and multifunctional terminal construction, up to 16 meters of marine water depth, auxiliary buildings and other necessary infrastructure designed using the latest technologies and international standards.

ADC developed a preliminary design for the Port in early 2017, which was approved by the Government of Georgia in November. World-famous design companies were involved in the preparation of the preliminary design.

Work on the Port’s detailed design has already begun. Within the framework of the tender, representatives of BergerAbam visited Anaklia Deep Sea Port, where they were hosted by Anaklia Port and Operator Company SSA Marine.