Anaklia Deep Sea Port’s Construction Proceeds to New Chapter


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World’s leading Dutch company Van Oord awarded Anaklia Port’s marine contract for dredging and reclamation


Anaklia Port is set to enter a new important stage of its construction. In August 2018 Georgia will witness unprecedented scale of marine engineering works in the country’s history, as the marine works for dredging and reclamation at Phase 1 Anaklia Deep Sea Port project will take start.


After a long and tough selection process, one of the world’s leading marine engineering contractors, Van Oord, was awarded a contract through an international tender announced by Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC). Van Oord was selected based on its best technical and commercial offer.


The Dutch company also acts as a share holder of Anaklia Deep Sea Port and invests in the construction process.


Within a month, Georgia and particularly Anaklia will receive one of the most advanced and technically capable dredging vessels ever built. The vessel owned by Van Oord, the Athena, will be deployed for the dredging and reclamation works.


Under this contract Van Oord will perform the reclamation of 5.0 million cubic meters of sand from the sea and placement of the dredged material on the port area which encompasses 70 hectares. In addition, Van Oord will install vertical drains and perform compaction after the surcharge period.


“This is a historical moment, since Georgia has never witnessed marine works of this kind taking into consideration its scale and engineering solutions that are related to conduct reclamation activities. We are delighted to announce that an internationally renowned company such as Van Oord will be conducting this important part of marine construction,” said Ronny Solberg, CEO of Anaklia Construction Management team.


Van Oord is a Dutch leading international contractor which executes dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects in different parts of the world. Construction of Palm Island, Dubai, port of Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte 2 expansion and the record-breaking Suez Canal are among the projects which Van Oord have accomplished.


“Construction of Anaklia Deep Sea Port is an important project which will facilitate trade between Asia and Europe. The port will bring development in the country of Georgia, enhance regional trade and become a logistical hub. We are proud to be involved in this project and are looking forward to start the dredging activities with our modern equipment ,” said Govert Van Oord, Van Oord Area Director.


Construction of Anaklia Deep Sea Port commenced in December 2017. Since then ADC has performed early works as removal of topsoil from 110 hectares of port area, construction of new water channel with a length of 2.5 km and removal of all debris and cleaning of the entire area. On the marine side archeological study and removal of underwater tetrapods has been performed, to prepare the basin for the dredging works.


Anaklia Deep Sea Port is planned to go into commercial operation in December 2020