Anaklia Deep Sea Port Construction at Full Swing


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Anaklia Deep Sea Port Construction at Full Swing

Anaklia Development Consortium Annoucement

“As confirmed by a number of letters, queries, repeated expression of support, the construction of deep sea port in Anaklia started in December 2017 has roused plenty of public interest.

“Being fully aware of the project’s special importance to the country, we wish to brief the public that from now on, we’ll be making detailed, monthly public reports about the works performed in the port area, the people involved, the project’s social impact and answering your questions.

The development that the public was looking forward to has started and is irreversible. The process is going to be as transparent as possible. We appreciate the keen interest of the Georgians and, especially, the population of Samegrelo and we thank them for their support.”

Anaklia Development Consortium


 Summary #1

Anaklia Deep Sea Port Construction is at Full Swing

Development of the deep sea port in Anaklia (Georgia) has hit the first phase. As a result of a public tender, “Black Sea Group” was chosen for performing the preliminary land works on 100h area.

The works underway in the port territory:

  • removal and storage humus layer on 100h;
  • construction of 2.5km irrigation channel;
  • construction of the inner roads;
  • geodetic survey;
  • waste removal;
  • transfer of the existent communication lines;
  • geological works;
  • monitoring the flora and fauna for the purpose of minimizing the damage.

The construction works on the Anaklia Dee Sea Port territory meet the international and labor safety standards applicable in Georgia.

Before starting the construction, Anaklia Development Consortium officials had appeared at the public meetings to brief the locals on the prospected works and safety measures.

As a result of a public tender and in line with the tender documents published on in December 2017, out of 14 candidates, the Consortium chose “Black Sea Group” company to carry out the land works.

The next stage marine construction works scheduled for summer 2018 involve dredging and reclamation to which end a dredging vessel and etc. machinery are going to arrive in Anaklia in order to excavate 5M m3 soil for reclamation.