Anaklia Deep Sea Port Becomes the Part of “Middle Corridor”


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Anaklia Deep Sea Port has become an associate member organization of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route, called “Middle Corridor”. The decision of membership was made at the meeting of the TITR, in Baku.

All members of the board supported the Anaklia Port joining the association, agreeing that promoting Anaklia Port is an important task for all players in the region and the successful completion of the current large initiative projects is essential for development of the middle corridor.

“Georgia is one of the most important players of the ‘Trans-Caspian International Transit Route,’ said Levan Akhvlediani, Director General of the Anaklia Development Consortium. “The existence of a deep-water port is a necessary condition for increasing the competitiveness of the middle corridor in our country. Interest in Anaklia Port has significantly increased, even though it does not yet operate and is in the early stages of construction. This again emphasizes the importance of the project for both Georgia and the region as a whole.”

The Trans-Caspian International Transit Route combines the countries participating in the Silk Road project and important players of the region. Its members are leading maritime and transport companies from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, China and Turkey. The union aims to popularize the middle corridor, accelerate and simplify cargo transportation procedures between Asia and Europe, and make special preferential tariffs. Between East and West, in terms of cargo, the middle corridor helps to compete with the north-south routes.

The TITR session was held in parallel with the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) Conference in Baku. Anaklia Development Consortium and ‘Anaklia City’ were participants of the conference, holding meetings with leading international companies in the maritime and transport sectors.



Along with joining TITR, the Anaklia Development Consortium is already cooperating with other strategic ports of the middle corridor, such as Kurik (Kazakhstan), Aktau (Kazakhstan), Khorgos (Kazakhstan-China), and Baku Port (Azerbaijan).